girl behind the blog: get to know me tag.

Get to know me: 50(ish) questions


Since I’m new to blogging I thought it would be fun to do a get to know me tag. So, here are 50 questions about me, which I hope will let you get to know me a little more!

 Full name

kaitlin kochanov

 Zodiac sign


Three fears

ladybugs and probably starving haha

Three things I love

my family, animals, the gym

My best friend

my husband

Last song I listened to

timmy trumpt & krunk! – al pacino

How many tattoos/piercings do I have

i don’t have any tattoos, but that will change very very soon & i have 6 piercings.

The reason I started blogging

i always had an interest in writing. my mom told me growing up i was always creating stories – i had a nickname, the paper queen. i also went to school where writing was a large aspect of my major.

 How I feel right now

content. my tummy’s full, my puppies beside me and i’m thankful for so many things in my life.

Something I really really want

another dog, or a pig.

My current relationship status

he put a ring on it.

Meaning behind my URL

i’m little (5’0) and i’ve been vegan for almost 3 years now & of course this blog is about my life!

My favourite movie

anything with jason statham.

My favourite song

andrea bocelli – con te partiro

My favourite band

don’t have one.

Three things that upset me

drivers in my home town, ignorant people and liars.

Three things that make me happy

god, my family, animals

What I find attractive in other people

the way they treat others.

Someone I miss

my dad.

Someone I love

my husband.

My relationship with my parents

i love them to death.

My favourite holiday


My closest blogging friend

i don’t have any close blogging friends at the moment but i hope i will have a bunch soon!

Someone famous I’d date

jason statham.

A confession

i can’t sing but i really with i could.

Three things that annoy me easily

loud chewers, bad weather, loud breathers.

My favourite animal

every animal, literally. but because i have a dog & a bearded dragon so, those two.

My pets

my yorkie/belgin sheppard, christian & my bearded dragon, reggie.

One thing I’ve lied about

oh gosh, probably telling people i’m not hungry when i really am (that’s a constant lie haha).

Something that’s currently worrying me

everything. i have such bad anxiety.

An embarrassing moment

all the collected moments of me saying dumb things.

Where I work

currently as a marketing coordinator at a children’s clothing company.

 Something that’s constantly on my mind


My future goals

to live on a farm filled with animals.

My favourite store

a grocery store, haha.

My favourite food

french fries, just keepin’ it real.

What I did yesterday

went on a walk downtown by the waterfront with my pup, went to the gym, went on an adventure with the hubby and walked down a creek near our home, then the best part of the day, i had nachos for dinner.

My idea of the perfect date

food, an adventure somewhere or to the farmers market.

 My celebrity crush

jason statham, james franco.

Number of kids I want

uhm, it changes daily. 1 or none.

Do I smoke/drink

drink – occassionally.

One word that describes me


My favourite quote

“it’s by grace alone, through faith alone, in jesus alone.” – jefferson bathke.


Let me know if ya’ll have any more questions!


green juice: juicing is bad for you?


Almost every night my husband and I sit on our balcony and drink one of our favourite green juices. I’m not big on juice cleanses and substituting juice for food, but a green juice in the morning and/or evening is actually very beneficial to your health!

While I do obviously believe in eating whole foods (literally in this sense), juicing actually isn’t any more beneficial to your body from eating the fruit whole – it’s actually not as good for you.

It’s suggested that when juicing (whether you use a juicer or a blender) you use the whole fruit or veggie. The skin on the fruits and vegetables that we eat actually carry a lot of beneficial properties that you may not know about – a lot of the nutrients from these foods actually comes from the skin! For example, the skin of an apple contains about half of the apples overall dietary fiber. Potato skin actually carries more vitamins and minerals than the whole potato itself and finally citrus fruits have twice as much vitamin C than what’s under the skin.

Moral of the story, juicing can help you loose weight – as long as your within your chloric intake. Yes your body can digest liquids a lot quicker and more easily appose to sold foods BUT we all know that being skinny and being healthy are two different things. Just be mindful of what your putting into your body, eat whole REAL foods with REAL nutrients that will give your body strength and energy it needs for the day. Drinking a juice here and there won’t kill you – everything in moderation is key.

ginger.jpgBenefits of lemon: vitamin C, good skin, promotes weight loss

Benefits of chlorophyll: helps fight cancer, improves skin, promotes weight loss, helps wounds heal faster and improves digestion.

Benefits of dandelion: high in antioxidants, cleanses liver and protects bones.

Benefits of ginger:  contains a high level of medical properties, helps aid in upset stomachs, reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Benefits of water: clears skin, speeds up metabolism and flushes out toxins.


about me:

Kaitlin Daniel-Reception-0162.jpg

Hi, I’m Kaitlin! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little place in this big blogisphere world. I want this blog to be filled with love, fitness, adventures and of course yummy Vegan meals. Thank you for supporting me, I can’t even being to express how much it means!