My first ever cut…

On Monday, March 20 I will be starting my first ever cut. Not necessarily with any goal in mind or for any particular reason other than Summer being around the corner and I want to see how far I can push my body and with that the results I can achieve.

I’ll be doing weekly checkins with my updated body comps, marcos (if any changes), weigh ins, my work outs and how I’m feeling mentally and physically.

I do have a end date in mind but that being said if I do reach my goal before hand I will shift everything into more of a ‘maintenance’ mode.

Starting this Friday (week 1) i’ll be uploading all my meal prep, workouts and updated stats! I will be going to the gym 5 days a week and working HIIT training into 2-3 of those days and I spend roughly 60 minutes at the gym.

Beginning weigh ins & macros

I’m 5’0, female (obviously), 26 years old and weigh 123 pounds (with clothes on).

My starting macros are: protein 101 grams, fat 52 grams, carbs 176 grams, fibre 18 grams. 

I calculated my macros at this website H E R E but with that being said I may use Layne Norton’s website. It’s $10 a month and you have access to honestly THE BEST information, not only in regards to macros but everything fitness related. I’ll link his website H E R E and the link to Avatar Nutrition H E R E. Another reason why I love this website so much is that it when signing up it gives you the option to choose that your vegan and everything is adjusted to us plant based humans!

I’ll talk to ya’ll in my next post!




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