my favourite vegan blogs


Among a long, long list of my favourite bloggers are these four inspiring ladies who feed make me smile, laugh and hungry.

Cooking With Camacho


“I originally created this blog before I was married in hopes to consolidate all of my recipes to one place. I constantly find myself squinting at my iPhone, hungry, standing in the kitchen desperately trying to find recipes I have written down through all my phone notes. The main purpose or rather goal is to share recipes because… well…who doesn’t love food?

Aside from high protein healthy recipes, I also want this to be a peaceful place where people can come for advice, tips, and tricks to living a healthy energetic life. Obstacles are what makes half of our life journey so I would like to help take some of the guess work out of making quality, whole food, plant based meals. Nutrition plays a huge role in our health; from body function to ageing, to recovery and repair. Just like the saying goes “you are what you eat”. My aim is to make each and every recipe as beneficial to your health as possible. Maintaining a diet consisting of high quality foods helps you to shine from within, life is good and you deserve to live it to the fullest.

My hopes are to inspire people from those who live very busy lifestyles, to the overly health conscious individuals that living a healthy vegan lifestyle is super simple and enjoyable. You will notice on most recipes I have included a “**Camacho Quick Tip**” these little tricks are meant to assist you in tailoring the recipe to your needs and preferences. They also let you know what to look out for during the cooking and baking process. Whether you have a million things on the go or are looking for something to do with your free time: I want to share my recipes and experience with you all; from cooking, health & fitness, to going Vegan.”

I’ve known Laura for a LONG time, before we were both Vegan, and it’s funny how going Vegan has made our paths cross again. Her love for animal welfare and cooking the most delicious foods always inspires me and is a constant reminder of why I went Vegan.

I love seeing her Instagram feed, reading her blog posts &trying to cook like her (emphasis on the trying). If you don’t already, follow her blog H E R E I hope she’ll inspire you as much as she did me.

Project Life Wellness


“Just a Mom on a mission to find perfect balance in a perfectly imbalanced world. I started Project Life Wellness as a mommy outlet which would allow me to create inspiring content to help motivate and empower others. I also desired a platform which would allow me to freely express my opinions regarding a wide variety of products including but not limited to: beauty, skincare, hair-care, supplements, and health food items. In addition, I enjoy posting my favorite recipes in hopes of inspiring others to try them. Motherhood has been an absolute joy to me and I love to share my ideas, suggestions, frustrations, and overall Mom-experiences with whoever is interested in reading them. Follow my blog and let’s inspire each other!”

Innana’s blog is a one stop shop. From recipes to product reviews, this mamas got you covered for every aspect of life. A lot of the products I use are because I’ve read about them on her blog or seen them on her Instagram feed, and honestly I whole hartedly trust her opinion! She even has a cute little Etsy shop!

Follow her blog H E R E !!!



Although Alex doesn’t have a blog (that I know of) I LOVE LOVE LOVE her Instagram feed – it’s one of my favourites! Every photo is filled with fresh ingredients and amazing looking bowls. So much inspiration and creativity on her feed, it helps my creativity come alive when it comes to cooking. I love how bright and filled with healthy greens her photos are!

Thanks Alex for your constant inspiration and love for animals!

The Vegan Virgin


Who are some of your fave Vegan bloggers or IGers? Let me know in the comments below!





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