A special getaway | I almost died?!

My hubby and I have been married two years as of September 5 2016. Every year we plan a little getaway to spend time just us (& our fur-baby of course) be with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Even though the bugs (well the fly’s) were outrageous and one night the weather was low-key horrifying, it involved me accidentally seeing that where I was, was under a ‘severe storm watch’ which of course, got upgraded to a ‘tornado watch’ (keep in mind where I’m from, does NOT EVER get Tornados or any weather of the sort) and me being the crazy over analyzer that I am, started FREAKING OUT and figuring out all the ways I could potentially die. Of course the Weather Network had to inform us on what to do if and when this Tornado hits – you know stay indoors, go into a room with no windows (preferably a basement) those kinda things… well as you can see from the pictures our cottage was, less than ideal. I had to take it one step further and stalk the Weather Network like it was my ex-boyfriend and research the crap out of how-not-to-die by Tornado – I honestly started replaying Twister in my head and contemplated tieing myself to something that was very, very deep in the ground. After many texts to my dad, literally telling him to pray for my life… and many hours of stalking…. thank goodness a tornado didn’t hit us and the weather warning was lifted and all in all we had SUCH an amazing time. The End, hahahaha 

Here are some pics below! Enjoy xo 

We went from September 7 to 12 and of course, it was another full Vegan adventure (junk food edition) from Vegan nachos to burgers, loaded fries & everything in between …. and a MAJOR detox is currently underway. Which, of course will have to be another blog post 🌿 


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