some pre-birthday camping.

we still haven’t completely mastered the camping etiquette but I’d say we’re getting pretty close – it’s trial and error basis. this past camping trip we made our way to the port perry area – about 2 and a half hours from our house. we went to this place as a pre- birthday camp to see if we liked it enough to spend three (we usually do two) nights for my husbands birthday and of course the fishing needed to be exactly what he was looking for.

everything went well, we had gotten our fur baby (he’s more like a real child) a pool to play around in, a eating tent (who really knows that they’re called) and a few odds and ends to make our lives a little easier, this was all thanks to the first time we went camping and realized what we needed to do differently.

needless to say it was a great place but not the place. so now were back on the hunt looking for a magical place to call home for three days. my husband is also kind enough to eat totally vegan with me every camping trip, and boy have we basically mastered that, thanks to pinterest, lol.

i’m so sad! no only did i only took a few pictures – i gotta get use to living my life through my camera, i recently got a new phone and my photos of course all disappeared. for now, the pictures from their website (double m campgrounds) will have to do.


stay tuned for my next blog post – ultimate camping list for over packers and camping newcomers. 

check out my previous blog post here – a vegan long weekend


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