A Vegan Long Weekend.

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada – Victoria Day. We decided the best way to kick off what FINALLY feels like summer here & the first long weekend is to go on a family camping trip. My husband, myself and my furbaby packed our bags, loaded up the car and drove for what felt like forever (but was only just over an hour away) for the first overnight family adventure of the year.

We’ve all gone camping last year and it wasn’t the best experience. Christian (my puppy) didn’t do too well sleeping in the tent where ever crackle of fire and whisper was heard aka mommy and daddy get no sleep. This year we crossed our fingers it would be different because he’s gotten a little older and we hoped we could tire him out throughout the day.


We wanted a campsite right on the water, and boy did we get exactly what we wanted! I took some pictures, see them below!



We both like to fish, so having the access to the water was just to perfect.


& what better way to end each night with a campfire.


Food for me wasn’t hard at all. I brought some Vegan hamburgers, fruit, Quinoa chips and some hummus and crackers, oh and of course bagels for breakfast!



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